Unlocking Nature's Prized Treasures

Unveiling the Beauty of Gemstones

For many millions of years, deep within the Earth, nature has been weaving masterpieces that have stirred humanity’s imagination since their discovery. Humans embark on a strenuous journey to retrieve these hidden gems. Yet, the true essence of a gemstone awaits the touch of a master craftsman—a guardian of its hidden beauty.
Dedicating our lifetimes to this extraordinary journey, we combine the artistry of skilled craftsmen with the magic of nature to reveal the enchanting charm hidden within each gemstone, treasures that capture the essence and beauty of time. Explore our wondrous collection, and embrace the elegance of our exquisite gems.

A Legacy Rooted in Devotion

The Founding Story

Veerasak Gems traces its origin to the unwavering dedication and passion of Mr. Veerasak Trirotanan. Commencing as a humble trader, Mr. Trirotanan journeyed tirelessly between the raw sources of gemstones and his modest workshop in Bangkok. Throughout his years of trade, he found his calling among the most extraordinary gems. Transforming his enterprise into a globally recognized exporter of the most exquisite gemstones, he devotes most of his time and resources into rubies, the gemstone that ignited his remarkable journey.

Over decades,

Mr. Trirotanan amassed a remarkable collection of self-crafted gems. His invaluable expertise and exceptional talent built over 40 years form the very essence of Veerasak Gems. We now house the largest and most exclusive selection of radiant rubies. Since our establishment in 1982, our accumulated knowledge of gemstone evaluation has allowed us to unlock the full potential of these remarkable treasures, transforming rough minerals into resplendent gems.

Our Guiding Principles

Mission and Values

Guided by our founder’s values of honesty, integrity, and reliability, our mission is to simplify and shorten the process of ruby curation. We reliably deliver gemstones upon demand to our clients, who can be assured of our transparency in product disclosure.

To achieve our mission, we dedicated ourselves to curating a comprehensive selection of rubies, catering to the unique preferences of our clients. We take pride in offering a myriad of options, ensuring that every individual finds their perfect ruby, tailored to their specific needs.

Moreover, we place paramount importance on absolute transparency, providing our clients with comprehensive information, empowering them to make well-informed decisions with confidence. Our commitment to ethical practices and open communication fosters trust and long-lasting relationships, as we strive to exceed expectations at every step.

Discover a Diverse Collection

Explore Our Wide Range of Gems

Beyond rubies, we offer a specially curated range of exceptional sapphires, spinel, and peridot. Within the high-quality segment, we offer a variety of sizes, shapes, and price ranges to suit every preference and budget. Additionally, ready-matched sets of bracelets, necklaces, and pairs are also available to ensure effortless coordination for our clients.

Our Collections

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