Treasured Peridot

Unveil our treasured peridot collection, sourced exclusively from the legendary Mogok mines of Myanmar. Having remained a well-kept secret over the past decades, our peridot awaits explorers like you to unveil its splendid green hues.



Our peridot collection consists of under 1-carat sizes all the way up to majestic sizes of over 50 carats. A rare legacy, all our peridots are from the same mine, with a high consistency in its green hues.



We strictly refrain from treating our gemstones with chemicals, so our clients can be confident in our gemstones, which are also certified by world-famous laboratories. Additionally, we offer certification services to a laboratory of your choice, upon request.

For jewelry retailers and enthusiasts, we offer ready-matched sets with pre-coordinated gemstones that make creating bracelets, necklaces, and other jewelry pieces a simple task.

Receive your personalized selection below.

Receive your personalized
selection below.