Captivating Rubies

Discover the mesmerizing allure of rubies from legendary mines at Veerasak Gems. Our diverse collection showcases a range of high-quality rubies, from vibrant and fiery to deep and mysterious, each possessing their own unique beauty.



Our ruby collection consists of under 1-carat sizes to spectacular sizes of over 10 carats. Whether you are looking for heated or unheated rubies, our company offers a wide selection for both. The most diverse and rich collection of all our specialties, our clients never fail to find a fit for every budget and requirement one can possibly think of.



We strictly refrain from treating our gemstones with chemicals, so our clients can be confident in our gemstones, which are also certified by world-famous laboratories. Additionally, we offer certification services to a laboratory of your choice, upon request.

For jewelry retailers and enthusiasts, we offer ready-matched sets with pre-coordinated gemstones that make creating bracelets, necklaces, and other jewelry pieces a simple task.

Receive your personalized selection below.

Receive your personalized
selection below.