The most valuable type of gemstone, the ruby, is a simple mixture of two of the Earth’s most abundant elements: aluminium and oxygen. Ironically, these gemstones are known as the rarest; a fact which contradicts the components of their structure. The reason is because only so few oxygen and aluminium particles do actually form the object we call ‘gemstones’, which makes them so special.

Why gem deposits are so scarce comes down to the condition under which they form. Although the basic elements present in a natural corundum are so common, coloring agents are a must for the corundum to possess their unique, charming colors. Chromium is the main element responsible for the rubies’ famous crimson color. The ruby’s color has a unique nature; a fluorescent red. It is widely accepted that no other gems matches the magnificent beauty of the ruby, therefore the name, “King of Gems” has been given.

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